21 June 2013

Little strip about Mr.Strong.
He lifting weights in a circus and he doesn’t laugh about this.
Popeye is his Hero.

*For French people, to read with a south accent (It's funnier)*

14 June 2013


I really love Sherlock Holmes. 
He's the hero of my childhood

04 June 2013

I open a new tumblr : Mardi c'est raviolis ! Only for my design food love.

I did some dishes in graphic ways for my degree project one year ago 
and I wanted to show them and many others in a new place.
I hope you will enjoy them.

01 June 2013

I did two banners for the YCN website. 
One illustrates the graduate edit event 2013, a summer showcase of rising talent, and the other the home page. Available now on the YCN site. 

I did a redhead Super Hero !
I wanted to bring justice to all redhead guys in the world.
 There are not enough good representations of them in history.